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A Town Without Sequins by Zak Block

If the E train passes through Elmhurst station, does it not stand to reason that no train whatsoever stops there? I had this revelation long after I’d discovered that not only is Philadelphia an hour’s leisurely drive from the heart of Manhattan, but so are Washington, D.C., Boston and Baltimore. Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, about two hours. Albeit that I’m never going to see these places, still is this incalculably useful information…

Secrets by Robert Mundy

At sixty-five, Mark Armstrong was the same weight he’d been as a high school point guard—one-hundred-fifty-five pounds on a lean five-foot-eleven frame—though, as he liked to joke, the distribution was different…

Versions Of This Year by R.S. Paulette

As the sun would rise on placid Saturday mornings, I would take the little row-boat with the trawling motor out towards the east and wait there, still, letting the water ebb away from the boat in consistent concentric circles, lapping its way towards shore. Sitting there, an unread book in my hand, I would watch the sun rise along the horizon, begging me to follow it along until I struck land…

Devil’s Thumb by Gemma Cooper-Novack

By: Gemma Cooper-Novack – Posted: August 4, 2014

James wanted to blame Natasha for this trip, but the truth was he couldn’t remember whose idea it had been. When the prospective debt of rehab became more than either of them could handle…

The Power of the Word: Let Us Strive to Make a Positive Difference by Nbada Sibanda

By: Nbada Sibanda – Posted: July 28, 2014

This essay seeks to motivate writers to write insightfully, passionately and selflessly, for writing is a noble profession. Words are powerful weapons which can transform the world for the better.

He: A Collection by Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh

By: Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh – Posted: July 21, 2014

IV. She’s Gone Missing
After hearing “get out” enough, you eventually leave…

A Review of American 419 and Other Stories by Melanie J. Cordova

By: Melanie Cordova – Posted: July 14, 2014

Abiola’s straightforward prose shines here as well—even the repetition of the words “Jerusalem sand” throughout the story is hypnotic and fills the words with a strong sense of mythos…

These Are The Fables by RS Paulette

By: RS Paulette – Posted: July 7, 2014

There are expectations one has when reading this kind of story—about the lonely, divorced literature professor and his schoolboy infatuation with a ravishing co-ed under his tutelage—and I wish to trump those expectations right at the start. In short, this isn’t that kind of story…

Mandatory Medication by Dave Morehouse

By: Dave Morehouse – Posted: June 30, 2014

Every homesick minute on land she had ached for the gentle support of salt water, the slow hum of the ocean, purified air to flow across her gills and whistle deep into her dual-stage lungs…

A Review of Happiness Ltd. by Melanie J. Cordova

By: Melanie Cordova – Posted: June 23, 2014

Author Michael McGhee clearly depicts a world obsessed with spending, and a reader can feel the depth of the situation he has created…

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