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Whether you’re after fiction, creative nonfiction, young adult fantasy, or memoir, SFWP has it. You can check out our current titles below, and find some information on why these books were chosen on our About page. All titles are available worldwide in print and electronic format. And join us on Facebook and Twitter! Our titles are available everywhere books are sold. Please take a moment to view our Amazon Storefront.



zineHere it is! Find out where it all started for Pagan Kennedy… Zine: How I Spent Six Years of My Life in the Underground and Finally… Found Myself… I Think is a book compiling all 8 issues of the zine Pagan’s Head. The book presents each complete zine in its original format, with new essays by Kennedy introducing each issue. This is a do-not-miss glimpse into the culture of the 90s, and the development of the “Queen of the Zines” and current New York Times Magazine columnist Pagan Kennedy. Find out more at SFWP’s Pagan Kennedy Project page and pre-order directly via SFWP, to receive a special copy ahead of the June 1st release date! You can also preorder via Amazon.


“Lyrical, luminous, and pitch-perfect” (Historical Novels Review). When Anna Kramer, a Los Alamos piano teacher, inherits the journals and scores of composer Hana Weissova, she is mystified by this bequest from a woman she does not know. Hana’s music, however, soon begins to uncover forgotten emotions, while her journals, which begin in 1945 after she is released from a concentration camp, slowly reveal decades-old secrets that Anna and her family have kept buried. Preorder now from Amazon Find more details at the author’s webpage.



milkTake a journey with a remarkable set of 14 short stories from Simon Fruelund — one of Denmark’s premiere literary authors. Booklist says of this release: “Fruelund’s prose is muscular, descriptive, and often lyrical. His characters are varied, as are their situations and the places they inhabit. These settings give a strong sense of locale but not necessarily of culture or country. What amazes about these narratives is how much emotion and information the author can condense into so few words.” Find out more at Simon’s page and order via Amazon, Indiebound, our distributor, directly via SFWP, or wherever books are sold!

Authentic Captain Marvel Ring

The very best short stories and novellas from National Public Radio’s Alan Cheuse are brought together in a quintessential collection, An Authentic Captain Marvel Ring & Other Stories. The title story—a flash fiction piece that acts as both prologue and an intriguing look at a writer’s inspiration—takes us through a child’s eyes into a fantastic land, one that informs, shapes, and travels along with the other stories in this stunning collection. These stories deal with life, death, love, family, work, and a deep exploration of the soul. Order via Amazon, Indiebound, our distributor, directly via SFWP, or wherever books are sold!


 By Way of Water

bwowCalled “a work of exquisite beauty” by Jayne Anne Phillips, By Way of Water is a unique look at a Jehovah’s Witness family in northern California, struggling with poverty at the end of the 1970s logging boom. Charlotte Gullick has been hailed as the next Steinbeck by critics. Find out more at Charlotte’s webpage and order via Amazon, Indiebound, our distributor, directly via SFWP, or wherever books are sold!

 Black Livingstone

Part of SFWP’s ongoing efforts to bring Pagan Kennedy’s works back into print, this biography on William Sheppard — an African American in the 19th century who defied segregation and became an explorer — is a rarely told tale of a remarkable American hero. Find out more at our Pagan Kennedy Project page and order via Amazon, Indiebound, our distributor, directly via SFWP, or wherever books are sold!


Paradise, or, Eat Your Face

Paradise, Or Eat Your Face From NPR’s Alan Cheuse — Paradise, or, Eat Your Face is the latest in our ongoing work to collect Alan’s short stories. Here, Alan’s love for travel comes to light. Order via Amazon, Indiebound, our distributor, directly via SFWP, or wherever books are sold!

The Wars of Heaven

The 20th Anniversary edition of Richard Currey’s O. Henry and Pushcart-winning short story collection. Order now from Amazon, or directly from SFWP.


 Moody Food

Moody Food From Canadian sensation Ray Robertson comes Moody Food. A rock and roll tour of the ages – a classic journey through the music, the mystery, and the love that flowered out of the 60s. Based on the life of legendary singer-songwriter Gram Parsons. Ordering options at

The Fires

The FiresOur first collection of short stories — two novellas — from Alan Cheuse was The Fires. SFWP supports the short form, and who better to represent that artform than famed literary critic and author, Alan Cheuse — the “voice of books” on National Public Radio.

The Fires is designed to be a quick read – perfect for on-the-go commuters, short flights, and anyone looking for a quick escape into the rich prose of a truly gifted artist. Ordering options at


Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex

The Dangerous Joy of Dr. SexFor creative nonfiction lovers, Pagan Kennedy’s The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories should not be missed!

Dangerous Joy is a unique and compelling collection of Pagan’s award-winning essays, profiling American visionaries, scientists, and entrepreneurs.  In the title piece, Alex Comfort, author of The Joy of Sex, reinvents himself as a sex guru in California and hatches a plan to destroy monogamy forever. In the stories that follow, a retired chemist finds a way to turn a wasteland into paradise, an aspiring tyrant tries to become the emperor of America, and an artist rigs himself up to a “brain machine” made from parts he bought at Radio Shack. Order via Amazon, Indiebound, our distributor, directly via SFWP, or wherever books are sold!

Fatal Light

Fatal LightFatal Light, by Richard Currey, was our most difficult task.  Originally published in 1988, and out of print after 1997, we approached Currey in 1999 to try and secure the rights.  For a decade, we worked against all the odds to release the definitive version.  And, like Currey’s magnificent Crossing Over, which has been in print without interruption since 1976, we’re going to make sure that Fatal Light is here to stay.

Fatal Light is a devastating portrait of war in all its horror, brutality, and mindlessness, this extraordinary novel is written in beautifully cadenced prose. A combat medic in Vietnam faces the chaos of war, set against the tranquil scenes of family life back home in small-town America. This young man’s rite of passage is traced through jungle combat to malaria-induced fever visions to the purgatory of life in military-occupied Saigon. After returning home from war to stay with his grandfather, he confronts his own shattered personal history and the mysterious human capacity for renewal.

More details, including the acclaimed study guide authored by The George School, can be found at



In 2010, SFWP launched a pilot program to assist small presses with distribution. Using our account with the Independent Publishers Group, SFWP offers the ability to make books available worldwide, and to convert titles for a full market release on all electronic devices. If you’re interested in participating, then please contact us.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda ShortsFrom Alan Squire Publishing comes Bermuda Shorts by James Patterson.

That Paris Year

That Paris YearAlso from Alan Squire Publishing, we have That Paris Year by Joanna Biggar.

A Secret Woman

Some fiction to warm up your winter months from Alan Squire Publishing: A Secret Woman by Rose Solari.

Billy Christmas

Billy ChristmasThe latest from Alan Squire Publishing — Billy Christmas!


Coming Soon from SFWP…

Forthcoming titles for the 2015-2016 seasons feature exciting new fiction collections, memoirs, and essays from the 2013 Literary Awards Program winners, the first in a wonderful new fantasy trilogy, the continuation of the Pagan Kennedy Project, and a memoir about Gifford’s Ice Cream. To keep up to date, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter.

The Poor Children

ThePoorChildren_Cover_SMApril L. Ford’s stunning collection of short stories, The Poor Children, deftly examines the dark underbelly of the human condition through the rough, troubled lives of a group of orphans. Especially for readers who appreciate literary fiction that pushes beyond the norms of daily life into the darker, sometimes morally lawless worlds of characters, ranging from the eccentric to the perverse. Release date: April, 2015.

Muscle Cars

eoannou“The stories in Stephen G. Eoannou’s collection are, as the title suggests, very much like muscle cars — lean, powerful, fast, and gorgeous. Eoannou evokes, in seventeen richly textured and often hilarious visions of Buffalo, NY life, what it means to be male — son, brother, father, spouse, lover, half-baked friend, sports fanatic, neighbor — in the 21st century. These stories will transport you. Enjoy the ride.” (K.L. Cook, author of Love Songs for the Quarantined and Last Call) Release date: April 2015

My Chinese-America

allengeenew3Allen Gee’s collection of essays presents a part of American culture that most readers are not familiar with…once hooked, I could not escape Gee’s engaging narrative voice.” (Lee Gutkind, editor of Creative Nonfiction). Release date: May 2015.

Smoking Cigarettes, Eating Glass

annitarevised149Dr. Annita Sawyer’s memoir Smoking Cigarettes, Eating Glass is a harrowing, heroic, and redeeming story of Sawyer’s battle with mental illness from an early age, and her triumph in overcoming it. It does for psychotherapy what Kay Jamison did for pharmacology and goes far beyond “I Never Promised you a Rose Garden.” Lee Gutkind says of the memoir that “readers will be riveted from beginning to end.” Release date: June 2015.

Ordination – Book One of the Paladin Trilogy

danfordresized SFWP ventures into the realm of high fantasy in the first book of the Paladin Trilogy, Dan Ford’s spectacular adventure in a land ravaged by war, evil wizards, and wicked rulers. The trilogy is complete and SFWP will be releasing titles each year, starting in April of 2016.

Pagan Kennedy’s Living

Living_PersonalCareresizedIn articles and cartoons that address the difficulty of staying hip in the ’90s, Pagan provides a welcome alternative to People magazine and the later works of Hegel. Cruise through this book only if you want a extremely entertaining read and the opportunity to develop an unhealthy fixation on the fabulous Pagan Kennedy. Release date: November 2015


platformsA Microwaved Cultural Chronicle of the 1970s from Pagan Kennedy.
In this hilarious, highly personalized popular history of what may be the goofiest of modern decades, Kennedy offers her insightful version of “guerrilla nostalgia.” Release date: Fall 2016

We All Scream

John&LeroyGiffordCirca1906“Gifford’s Ice Cream was one of the most popular small businesses in Washington, DC for over 70 years, an empire built on sweetness. But few people know the bitter betrayals and darkness that destroyed the family who founded it.” From Andrew Gifford comes the shocking memoir of the Gifford family, and the rise and fall of Gifford’s Ice Cream. All of the secret family recipes will be reprinted for public use. This will be published outside SFWP and we are currently seeking representation. Monthly updates featured on the publisher’s blog.