2010 Winners and Finalists

We’ve slowly been posting the winners and finalists from the 2010 Literary Awards Program over at the journal.

SFWP is a small operation… Well, hell, it’s just me, and Ryan Sparks who volunteers his time to help me with the journal. Come the end of the Literary Awards Program each year, the staff does expand a bit, but that’s temporary.  Right now, during what can loosely be called SFWP’s “down time,” I’m on my own. Of course, I never seem to get much down time. Every day sees something that I have to address, and I won’t even mention the three shoeboxes full of tax nonsense sitting right behind me that I’ll soon have to dig through, categorize, and plug into a spreadsheet.

So, in the days after we wind down from an Awards Program, featuring the winners can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of the journal. The journal has no fixed schedule and Awards Program folks are posted hand-in-hand with regular submissions.

One thing that should start to assist with navigation is the tag cloud, which you’ll find on the right hand side if you scroll down a bit. As we get that tweaked, and enter tags onto past articles, that’ll start to give you good leads if you want to locate winners and finalists from the past awards.  And I’m also linking the winner’s stories on the past awards page itself.

For now, a quick list of the 2010 folks. 2010’s grand prize winner was Tara Laskowski, and you can find her work right here.  Second place was Nicole Reid. Third place was W.A. Smith. We’ll have new work from him soon, but he’s been a frequent contributor to the journal in the past.

Finalists currently featured are Robert Epstein, Claire Cox, and Joel Augee.

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