2011 Awards Judging Timeline

I’ve just taken down the online application forms, so this concludes the 2011 Literary Awards Program. It was a great year, and I know Alan Cheuse is looking forward to getting his hands on the entries… From what I’ve seen, we have some stellar work in the mix this year. Of course – we always do. Ten years later, and the work that comes through the SFWP Awards Program continues to amaze me. Thank you all for that.

We always ask that our judge takes their time. Unlike other contests, SFWP’s goal is to give each applicant a fair shake. This means it may be a few weeks before we see a winner, or even a list of finalists.

For right now, we’ll wait a week for any wayward postal entries to make their way to our offices. That, of course, gets us right up against Christmas. We probably won’t see too much activity over the holidays, but I expect to have a long list of finalists in hand shortly after the New Year. We’ll then narrow that list down through January, and let’s say early February is the deadline for announcing the winners.

Our offices will be closed between the 23rd and the 1st, so any correspondence sent during that time may not get an answer.


  1. Chuck Rose

    Is it possible for sfwp to acknowledge receipt of my entry? Thank you,

    • admin

      I’ll be catching up on that this weekend. If you don’t hear from us by Monday, email us at sfwpinfo@gmail.com

  2. Mimi


    If I haven’t gotten an acknowledgement at this point, and my check wasn’t deposited, can I be pretty sure my entry never got there? I’d like to start managing my disappointment!

    • admin

      We’re very behind, Mimi, thanks to a break between Christmas and New Year’s. Look for a confirmation this week.

  3. Mimi

    Oh, thank you! That’s (potentially) great news!


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