2011 Literary Awards Program Finalists — Short List

I’ve just received the short list of finalists. You can find the long list right here.

Again, in no particular order…

Lesley Poling-Kempes – Bone Horses

Julie Johnson – Dulce Et Decorum Est

Emily Stone – In Search of Chocola

Stacy Nguyen – A Girl, A Boy, A Gun

Leanne Tankel – The Adulterer’s Notebook

Jamie Patterson – Lost Edens

Tori Warner Shepard – Spider’s Blood is Blue

Richard Lutman – Iron Butterfly

Mimi Lipson – Food & Beverage

Karima Alavi – In the Shadow of Tombs

Angie Chuang – The Four Words for Home

Sara Burnaby — Bears

John Laue – An Education

Robert Richter – Something Like a Dream

Lance Larsen – Seventeen Ways to Float

Reg Saner – Reaching Keet Seel

AE Baer – Death is a Canary

Jerome Siegel — Bad Shrinks

Phillip Hammes – Memory Songs

Donna M. Vesely – all i loved, i loved alone

Art Schwartz – Survivors of La Revolucion

Saundra Amrhein – Green Card Stories

Claire Cox – Chapin Hall Will Rock You


  1. john mort

    Seems like a well-run contest. My novel made the long list but not the short one, and I wondered how many entries there were, if you feel free to tell me. Thanks–

    • admin

      750 this time around.


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