2011 Literary Awards Program Finalists — the Long List

Okay! Here’s the long list of finalists… We hope to have the short list sometime next week, and then we should be about on target for announcing the winners.

In no particular order…

Lesley Poling-Kempes – Bone Horses

Emily Stone – In Search of Chocola

Stacy Nguyen – A Girl, A Boy, A Gun

Leanne Tankel – The Adulterer’s Notebook

Jamie Patterson – Lost Edens

Tori Warner Shepard – Spider’s Blood is Blue

Richard Lutman – Iron Butterfly

Tony Burnett – American Folk Song

AE Baer – Death is a Canary

Thomas J. Zuzich – When the Mind Plays Tricks

Karima Alavi – In the Shadow of Tombs

John D. Trudel – God’s House

Keith Dahlberg – The Samana Incident

Bernard Chamberlain – Streetlights for Port Cecil

Mathias B. Freese – The i Tetralogy

Angie Chuang – The Four Words for Home

Lance Larsen – Seventeen Ways to Float

Ruth Crocker – The Children’s Room

John Mort – Illegal

Robert Richter – Something Like a Dream

Thomas John Malaskee – Brothers and Grapevines

Jerome Gold – Hard Lives

Michael Milstein – Undisclosed

Gloria Zachgo – The Rocking Horse

Kelly Clancy – Soldiers of God

Becky Hagenston – Midnight, Licorice, Shadow

Bob Ross – The Woman Who Knew Bob Hope

Julie Johnson – Dulce Et Decorum Est

Gary Navoy – The Sparrow of the Bayou

Marie Marley – Come Back Early Today

Richard Hague – A Life in Black and White

Joe Vastano – Experts

Nikhil Modi – Tales from the Himalayas

Scott Kauffman – Last Call at Last Chance

Elaine McGee – Our Home, Our Passion

Joanne Kingsbury – The Supermother Box

Kathryn Rhett – Near Breathing

Alma H. Bond — Camille Claudel

Arnold Gordenstein – A Small, Perfect Place

Nancy Webb – O, Hear the Angel Voices

Leighton Scott – Hardship Pay

Mervyn Kaufman – Slicky Boy

Richard Hague – Earnest Occupations

Mimi Lipson – Food & Beverage

Sara Burnaby — Bears

John Laue – An Education

Reg Saner – Reaching Keet Seel

Jerome Siegel – Bad Shrinks

Phillip Hammes – Memory Songs

Donna M. Vesely – all i loved, i loved alone

Art Schwartz – Survivors of La Revolucion

Saundra Amrhein – Green Card Stories

Claire Cox – Chapin Hall Will Rock You


  1. Tim Hedlin

    Curious, How many entries were there this year for the
    literary contest? Thank You in advance.

    • admin

      Around 750 this year.

  2. Marie Marley

    Also curious. How many final awards will be made? Thanks

    • admin

      There will be one grand prize and two runner ups.


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