2011 Poetry Program Finalists — Round One

Wow! We have some stunning entries. Right now, I have been given the “first round” of finalists — 54 names. And, I’m told, it was hard getting the list down to just 54. Some extraordinary talent  for this inaugural poetry program. I’m thrilled to see that…thank you all.

The 54 names are listed below.

A quick update on the timeline:  I hope to have a second round of finalists in hand by next weekend, and the short-list sometime next week. Ms. Solari will be out of the country until October 12th, so that may slow processing down. My plan, right now, is to know who the winner is by October 15th, give or take a few days. That’s about on target — judging tends to take a month or so.

So, enough from me. Here are the first round finalists:

Acquainted with the Cold — Lexa Hillyer

Advice for New Insomniacs — Donna Steiner

Marking This Blue Planet – Anna Yin

Breath Hold Break Point — Heather Derr-Smith

Breathing in the Night — Harry Newman

Caraway — Judith Zukerman

Sky Quarrels — July Cole

Confessions of a Word Processor — Matthias Regan

Crib Sheets — Rich Murphy

13 poems by Damon McLaughlin

Chock Theology — Ezra Feldman

Glass Boat – Ephraim Scott Saunders

Giving up the Ghosts – Dodici Azpadu

After Arik — Atar Hadari

Humon — Jayson Iwen

If a Body — Owen Lewis

In the Temple of the Lost and Found – Mary Morris

A Marked Man – Joseph Hutchison

Last Night of Maskmaking — Carolyn Moore

Ligature for Elegy — Lindsay Illich

Postscript to Home – Marj Hahne

Migrant Leaves – Miguel Saporta

The Next Time Art Seduces You — Carolyn Moore

Night Pearls — W.F. Lantry

The Heart that Reads – Norman Hindley

Six poems by James O’Brien

On the Desire to Levitate — Alison Powell

The Laundry Stone — Paul Brancato

Selection of poems by Hila Ratzabi

This Horse – Rebekah Stout

Red Sun Mother – Jennifer Givhan

Rim — Steve Lautermilch

Food Bed Gospel – W.M. Lobko

September Song — Nelson Blish

Sparks in Sequence — John Alexanderson

The Animal Husband – Arne Weingart

The Hand of Burning Prayers –Kirun Kaper

The Heaven & the Hangover — Katie Schmid

Where Orpheus Sings — Barbara  Knott

Small, Buried things – Debra Marquart

Swimming the Nets – Becky Sakellariou

Minor Alchemies – Christina Hutchins

Paradise Impressions – John Laue

Crescent – Excell Hunter

Desperados – Jenifer E. Tener

Walking up the River – Mary Ellen LeClair

Dreamer at the Helm – Charles Atkinson

Dear Divorce – Sage Cohen

Selected poems by Deborah Matusko

Nine poems by Norman Wasserman

Selection of poems by Jude Nutter

Cross-Cross Here, Cross-Cross There — Doug Woodsum

Terminally Human – Barry North

The Sit Down – Alicia Ruskin

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