2013 Finalists — Fiction

Here are the 2013 Literary Awards Program finalists in the Fiction category. Judging should be complete in early October, selecting a grand prize-winner and two runner ups. For Fiction and for nonfiction, I’ll have a shortlist of 10 finalists in the next couple weeks.

As I said in my Nonfiction Finalists post yesterday, please let me know if there are any errors below. If there’s one thing I do very well, it’s make mistakes!

Here’s the list, in no particular order:

Ioanna Carlsen — A Modern Greek

Aaron Tillman — The Cross-Eyed Monkey Cabaret

Ana June — Euclid’s Daughter

Barry Maxwell — Mandala

BD Feil — The Fever of the World

Pedro Ponce — The Discovery of Dr. James Osborne Beckett

Matthew Burnside — Bestiary and Other Tales of Monsters

Scott Slater — Blood of my Blood

Cristie Coffing — Carnival Man

Aaron Tillman — The Cross-Eyed Monkey

Eliza Tudor — Mind the Gap

David Ruskin Norman — Color Jesus

Dan Moreau — A Tour of North American Ruins

D.A. Thompson — Ghost Tiger

Laine Cunningham — Break the Bow

SK Kalsi — Ghost Notes

Mary Larkin — The Heart is a Slow Learner & Other Stories

James Mathews — Among Crows

Jenny Ruden — Camp Utopia & The Forgiveness Diet

John Van Kirk — Song for Chance

Ginger Pinholster — Murmuration

Arney Leason — Muses Wild

Nambé Bent — Pojoaque & The Bomb

Erin Lynn Cook — Merging Forms

J.D. Smith — Transit

J.T. Barbarese — Random Acts of Kindness

Rebecca Givens Rolland — You’d Rather Be Tender

Sandy Maren — Otherside Gigs

Colin Gibson — Singularity

Rosalia Scalia — Sister Rafaele Heals the Sick and Other Stories

Daniel Browne — Swing State and Other Stories

Melanie J. Cordova — The Hill Spirit

Mimi Lipson — The Cloud of Unknowing

April L. Ford — The Poor Children

Corran Harrington — The River Reader

Thomas F. Sheehan — Vigilantes East

Karima Alavi — Whisper of a Bangkok Ghost

Wasique Mirza — Zero Point

Tom Noyes — Come by Here: A Novella and Stories

Frank Carden — The Prostitutes of Post Office Street

P.S. Foley — Riding Godzilla

Stephen Eoannou — Muscle Cars

Jim Proebstle — Fatal Incident

Daniel Mueller — Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey

James Connelly — Sisters

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