2015 Awards Program Winners

What an amazing year for the Awards Program. We saw so many incredible entries, and the judging process was grueling. Congratulations to all of you for sharing your work and putting your voice out there.

Emily St. John mandel has made her decision.

The winners are:

Grand prize:
Magic for Unlucky Girls by A.A. Balaskovits.

In these fourteen fantastical stories, girls without much luck navigate strange yet all-too-familiar worlds as they try to survive. From carnivorous husbands, a bath of too many lemons, and earthquakes, these girls fight back against a world too often against them, sometimes with their wit, sometimes their beauty, and sometimes with shotguns in the dead of night.

First Runner-Up:
Chinese Red by Elizabeth Horneber

Chinese Red is a series of linked essays about magical thinking and human connection. The narrative is set in Zhuhai, China, during years I lived and worked there, during months where I dated a Chinese man and the months that I spent trying to move on after our relationship ended. The essays are fragmented, lyrical, and draw on a variety of anthropological and historical texts as a way of considering the barriers to human connection, the need for it, what we’ll compromise, and the damage and violence we can commit in seeking it. The way acceptance in one group can mean exclusion or oppression of another. The essays consider magical thinking—the way we imagine objects and people to have essences that can be spread and exert influence over time.

Second Runner-Up:
5 Months 10 Years 2 Hours by Lisa Reisman

When a disillusioned New York attorney decides to leave the law, buy a lipstick-red convertible, and hit the road, she doesn’t expect to wake up in a hospital room with a malignant brain tumor and a prognosis of one year to live. Or that ten years later, she’ll be competing in a grueling triathlon.