2018 Advanced Reading Copies

Are you a book blogger? Do you review books for magazines, journals, newspapers? Run a podcast? We’ll be glad to send out advanced reading copies of our Fall 2018 titles as soon as they’re available. Use our contact form to let us know your name, address, and more information about where the potential review will appear.

We’ve got four exciting titles coming your way!

Crusade: The exciting conclusion to the best-selling Paladin Trilogy, epic fantasy by Daniel M. Ford

Old ways have been broken in the blood and smoke of the Battle of Thornhurst by Allystaire Stillbright and followers of the Goddess. Now the Paladin must recover from his ordeal, carve out a hopeful future for the shattered Baronies, and prepare for the next attack upon the Goddess’s new and fragile following.

But the corrupt deity Braech, the Sea-Dragon, will not easily let go of the power that has long been his. Braech’s minions, led by the calculating Archpriest Symod, march on the now-weakened Baronies. The final battle, a crusade against the Mother and all of her followers, is near, and Allystaire, the Arm of the Mother, is left to rally the survivors – including some of his oldest enemies – to face a foe that will not rest until all the Mother’s faithful are broken and each Barony submits to the Sea Dragon once more.

Daniel M. Ford was born and raised near Baltimore, Maryland. He holds an M.A. in Irish Literature from Boston College and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, concentrating in Poetry, from George Mason University. As a poet, his work has appeared most recently in Soundings Review, as well as Phoebe, Floorboard Review, The Cossack, and Vending Machine Press. He teaches English at a college prep high school in the northeastern corner of Maryland. Find him on Twitter!

Imperial Governor, historical fiction by George Shipway

Londinium is burning.

Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, newly appointed governor of Roman Britain, is charged by an increasingly unstable Emperor Nero with a difficult task—the untamed island on the fringes of the empire must earn a profit. To do so, Suetonius pursues the last of the Druids into Wales and, along the way, subdues the fractious Celtic chieftains who sit atop a fortune in gold and rare metals.

Meanwhile, in the provincial capital of Londinium, war is brewing. As Nero’s corrupt tax officials strip the British tribes of their wealth and dignity, an unlikely leader arises—Queen Boudicca, chieftain of the Iceni, who unites the tribes of Britain and leads them on a furious and bloody quest for vengeance and liberty.

A novel told in the form of a memoir, Imperial Governor is a compelling and impeccably researched portrait of Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, Roman general and first-century Governor of Britannia, who unexpectedly found himself facing one of the bloodiest rebellions against Roman rule. Shipway’s masterful military adventure has long been considered one of the most accomplished works of historical fiction set in the Roman Era, providing fascinating detail of life in Roman Britain and within the Roman Legions—and a riveting saga of uprisings, war, and conquest in the ancient world.

George Shipway (1908–1982) was a British author best known for his historical novels, but he also tried his hand at political satire in his book The Chilian Club. Shipway was born in 1908, and served in the Indian Imperial Cavalry until 1946. He died in 1982.

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All Roads Lead to Blood, stories by Bonnie Chau

Unflinching and compelling portrayals of desire fill this award-winning story collection by Bonnie Chau. Chau explores the lives of young women, focusing on love, heritage, and memory, presenting fresh perspectives of second-generation Chinese-Americans.

Moving back and forth between California and New York, and ranging as far away as Paris, Chau’s exquisitely written stories are bold, highly imaginative, and haunting, featuring unique characters who defiantly exert their individuality.

Selected as the Grand Prize Winner for the 2040 Books Awards Program by Mat Johnson.

Bonnie Chau is from Southern California, where she formerly ran writing programs at the nonprofit 826LA. She received her MFA in fiction from Columbia University, with a joint concentration in translation, focusing on French and Chinese fiction. A Kundiman fellow and former bookseller, she is currently assistant web editor at Poets & Writers in New York City. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Crossing Over, fiction from Richard Currey

Crossing Over, originally published in 1980, has long been regarded as one of the Vietnam Era’s most evocative literary works. Cited by Library Journal as a ‘Best of the Small Presses,’ the prose poems and vignettes of Crossing Over formed the basis of Currey’s 1988 novel Fatal Light, cited by Tim O’Brien as “one of the very best works of fiction to emerge from the Vietnam War.” Currey started to write seriously after service as a Navy medic with the Marines, going on to receive many awards for his work, including two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, the Special Citation of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation, and a ‘Face to Face’ Book Award from the Enoch Pratt Library of Baltimore. His short stories have been widely anthologized, including in O. Henry, Pushcart Prize, Best American Short Stories, and New American Short Stories.

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