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Her winning book, Magic for Unlucky Girls, is available for preorder.


? What was the biggest literary inspiration for Magic for Unlucky Girls? ?


? How long did Unlucky Girls take to complete? ?


? How do you classify your your writing style? ?


? What’s been your greatest challenge as a writer? ?


? Where’s your favorite spot to write? ?


? Do you prefer writing by hand or at a computer? ?


? What’s your prep when you give a reading? ?


? What music did you listen to when writing Unlucky Girls? ?


? Do you write in other genres? ?


? What’s a book that is meaningful to you? ?


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Magic For Unlucky Girls by A. A. Balaskovits

The fourteen fantastical stories in Magic For Unlucky Girls take the familiar fairytale tropes we know well and turn them upside down. These unlucky girls, struggling with a society all too often against them, are forced to navigate strange worlds as they try to survive…or fall to pieces.

From carnivorous husbands to a bath of lemons to whirling basements that drive them mad, these stories are about the demons that lurk in all of our souls, and the women who must fight against them, sometimes with their wit, sometimes with their beauty, and sometimes with shotguns in the dead of night.

“…That rarest of things: A book that doesn’t remind me of anything else I’ve read…A wonderful, truly original work.”
— Emily St. John Mandel, author of Station Eleven



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