Joe Schuster and the SFWP Awards Program

When Joe Schuster contacted me about his new release, The Might Have Been, it was a much needed kick in the pants to get on here and talk about the plans for the next SFWP Awards Program.

Chapter one of The Might Have Been can be found right here, and here’s a link to the book’s site at Random House.

I started to update the past awards page with links to the various authors who have joined the winners circle over the last 12 years and was thrilled to see that so many have moved on to vibrant and exciting literary careers. I am missing a few folks so, if you’re reading this, email me! I’d love to hear from all of the finalists, as well. Where are you all at in your careers? I’d love to put together a page that tracks everyone… Each year, I see so many amazing entries. There are authors — finalists and winners alike — who deserve to get on everyone’s shelf. So let’s put SFWP to use and spread the word!

In the meantime, I’m slowly starting to put together some thoughts on the next Awards Program. It’s going to be very different, I think… And most likely starting in November, ending in summer of 2013. More later. I’m cooking up this series tentatively titled “Building a Better Contest,” and I’d like all past participants to help make the Awards Program better than ever.

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