“Kill This” by Genevieve DiNatale

Issue 18 / Summer 2019 / Abortion Ban Protest Special Issue


Which morality is in question?
That of the race or that placed upon
A woman’s place
Without valor, without honor

But with grace

Men gone to war
Their valor – their morality

Then me…
In line at CVS
Somewhere in Waltham, Massachusetts

Waiting for Plan B

He would barely stand beside me

But where is my valor?
In the line?
Or with Lawrence Kohlberg
Who took his life at sea

Legs shaking at the clinic
But to myself I am known
And I know that I have honor
With or without an unborn daughter

With or without sleepless nights
Medical bills and pants that are too tight
To take seriously

Don’t question my morality
You won’t call me a hero

Indecision sent men to Vietnam
And his decision sent a child into my arms

And who is to say that my choice
Is not moral?

Ask Carol Gilligan.

Ask the 12-year-old incest victim
Walking through closed doors
Through chants of “whore”
Why doesn’t she care anymore?

Ask Donald Trump’s children
From multiple women
What is the moral of his decision?

To speak for an incest victim?

He told me to come over late one night

All I had to give was torn, tossed and twisted
Lost and because I am not gifted, I am given
The gift of life – never to be your wife
Because my pants were too tight

Because we met at night

By myself at the clinic
We never even kissed



Genevieve DiNatale is a television journalist by day and poet by night. Her poetry has been published in The Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans, The Voices Project and Penultimate Peanut. She has two master’s degrees, one in journalism from Emerson College and the other in survey research from University of Connecticut. She studied philosophy as an undergraduate at Brandeis University.

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