Literary Awards Program 2015 — the Short List Announced

The 2015 Literary Awards Program short list! We’re down to 33 finalists. From this group will come our three winners.

Here’s the list:

Middlefield by Donald Modica

Magic for Unlucky Girls by A.A. Balaskovits

Becoming the Answer Jew: A Minnesota Journey by Tracy Harris

Drafts of a Suicide Note by Mandy-Suzanne Wong

Fortress for One by Mary Vensel White

The Shadows of 1915 by Jerry Burger

What Survives by Phyllis M Skoy

Uncertain Treasures: Stories by Alison Withey

Cages by Sylvia Torti

Resurrection City: Stories of Jonestown by Annie Dawid

At the End of the World by Allison Reu

On the Island of Sugar and Secrets by Gail Chehab

The Lava Never Sleeps: A Honolulu Memoir About Being Lost and Found by Loreen Lee

The Ride by Nancy Demme

Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces by Dorit Sasson

The Journal of Henry David Tarantula by Betsy Bernfeld

Remember To Forget Me by Kerry Bakken

Blueberry of Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard by Vicki Salloum

5 Months 10 Years 2 Hours by Lisa Reisman

The Last Tiger by Deborah Thompson

Life, Move Leisurely by Sahar Mustafah

Imperfect Rapture by Kelly Beard

Rainbirds by Clarissa N G

Unruly Creatures by Jennifer Caloyeras

Chanticleer by Marney Blair

Living Treasures by Yang Huang

The Rock Eaters by Brenda Peynado

Wimmera by Mark Brandi

Jerusalem As a Second Language by Rochelle Distelheim

Call it Love by Amaya Rivera

A Bad Goodbye: Reckoning the Aftermath of Murder by Charisse Coleman

Chinese Red by Elizabeth Horneber

Transit by J.D. Smith