Looking forward to Spring 2014

In just a few days, the official release date for Charlotte Gullick’s wonderful book, By Way of Water, will be upon us. Though physical copies have been shipping for some time, all of you ebook junkies will finally get your download! If you haven’t yet checked out By Way of Water, you really should. You can find it on Amazon, Indiebound, directly from me, or wherever books are sold around the world.

With that release, our very successful fall 2013 season will come to a close. It’s been a wild ride, and has consumed much of my energy this year. A year that I’m calling the launch date of SFWP 2.0 — our fiction contest produced some remarkable winners and finalists, and I’m quietly plowing through entries searching for folks to print. Two of the three winners will be joining the SFWP ranks in 2015 — April L. Ford and Stephen Eoannou. I am also reviewing the finalists and…everyone else who caught my eye.

Our nonfiction contest is nearing the end of judging, and we should have the winners in hand soon.

The books alongside Charlotte’s release are an extraordinary little collection, Milk, by Denmark’s literary superstar Simon Fruelund, translated by SFWP’s own K.E. Semmel, which saw a powerful two week tour in early October; and Pagan Kennedy’s Black Livingstone, an important and untold story about a black American explorer in the 1890s who journeys to the Congo, is almost single-handedly responsible for breaking the violent and shocking colonial hold on that country, and returns to live out his life in a segregated America. That’s three do-not-miss titles in a row.

So, with this steam behind us, we’re charging into 2014. The whole year has some surprises in store, but then I end up with a long and wordy blog post (too late!) when I should be updating the SFWP page and trying to focus on the one million and seventeen other tasks on today’s to-do list. Let’s look at Spring 2014. We’re doing another excellent trio of titles.

First up, in April, we have the quintessential collection of short stories from Alan Cheuse, An Authentic Captain Marvel Ring & Other Stories. Collecting the short works from Cheuse is a project we started in 2007 with The Fires, revisited in 2010 with Paradise, or, Eat Your Face, and finally culminating in this collection. It’s some amazing work, and up for preorder on Amazon or, again, directly from me.

In fact, for all the spring 2014 titles, if you order from SFWP, you’ll get them months ahead of everyone else in the world.

In May, we’ll be reissuing the print version of Richard Currey’s haunting collection of short stories, The Wars of Heaven. If you’re an ebook junkie, you can get it right now in all formats. Here’s the wicked Kindle link, but it’s everywhere.

In June, we’ll be reissuing Pagan Kennedy’s Zine. This is, in my opinion, the most important book of the generation that came of age in the 80s. Pagan is a pioneer of the zine movement, and her zine — all eight issues of which are included in our reissue — reads like a wild autobiographical novel, and serves as a snapshot of that bygone era where you could put together whatever madness you had in your head, Xerox a bunch of copies, and set them up at the counter of the local record store. The zine culture of the late 80s and early 90s certainly informed my own writing, and my publishing. The whole purpose of the Pagan Kennedy Project — and acquiring her backlog — is so I could give Zine life once again.

If the zine movement isn’t familiar, here’s an excellent primer. And here’s the LA Times review of Zine when it was first released almost 20 years ago.

So…a hell of a season. SFWP is out of the gate and running. Join me! We have a quarterly newsletter, a Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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