Poetry Awards Finalists — Short List

Here’s the short list of finalists for the Poetry Awards Program. Pared down from the long list, which you can find right here.

It’s been a grueling judging process… There were so many excellent entries for this inaugural year. So a shout out to all of the folks on that long list — you all are serious poets. You’ve got it. Don’t be discouraged.

23 names below…We should know the winner in the next couple of weeks.


A Marked Man – Joseph Hutchison

Postscript to Home – Marj Hahne

Last Night of Maskmaking — Carolyn Moore

Rim — Steve Lautermilch

In the Temple of the Lost and Found – Mary Morris

Breath Hold Break Point — Heather Derr-Smith

The Laundry Stone — Paul Brancato

The Heaven & the Hangover — Katie Schmid

Where Orpheus Sings — Barbara Knott

Breathing in the Night — Harry Newman

The Sit Down – Alicia Ruskin

Small, Buried things – Debra Marquart

Swimming the Nets – Becky Sakellariou

Paradise Impressions – John Laue

Crescent – Excell Hunter

Desperadoes – Jenifer E. Tener

Dreamer at the Helm – Charles Atkinson

Dear Divorce – Sage Cohen

Selected poems by Deborah Matusko

Nine poems by Norman Wasserman

Selection of poems by Jude Nutter

Cross-Cross Here, Cross-Cross There — Doug Woodsum

Terminally Human – Barry North

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