Black Livingstone

Product Details:
Series: Pagan Kennedy Project
Paperback: 144 pages
ISBN-10: 0988225263
ISBN-13: 978-0988225268
Cover Design: Gwen Grafft

About the Book:

Part of SFWP’s ongoing effort to bring Pagan Kennedy’s works back into print, this biography on William Sheppard — an African American in the 19th century who defied segregation and became an explorer and hero of freedom — displays Kennedy’s trademark “participatory journalism” putting herself into Sheppard’s shoes as he exposes the cruelty of Belgian colonialism in the Congo, is crowned a prince of the Kuba tribe for his humanitarian efforts, and then returns to live out his life in Jim Crow America.


Praise for Black Livingstone:

“A deeply felt and moving book.”
The New York Times

“Sheppard, who fought for the rights of blacks in Africa, lived under apartheid at home in what was the Jim Crow era. Kennedy takes on racism and imperialism in this first book-length exploration of Sheppard and his life. For students of African American studies, Presbyterian Church history, and anyone interested in colonial Africa.”
-Library Journal

“Kennedy is an engaging writer and ably captures the undercurrent of horror found everywhere in the late 19th-century Congo while honoring Sheppard’s accomplishments, heroism and character.
-Publishers Weekly