SFWP 2017 Literary Awards Program: The Short List

Here we go! The short list for the 2017 Literary Awards Program! The Long List is right here.

What an amazing selection of manuscripts we received this year. The closer we get to the final three winners, the harder it is to select which manuscripts move on through the process. This is a tough competition this year, so we may see an even shorter list of 10-15 finalists before we announce the winners. Expect that sometime in October. We should still be on track with my original timeline.

So, enough from me. Let’s get to the list. In no particular order:

Diane Josefowicz: Guardians & Saints

Stephanie Harper: Wesley Yorstead Goes Outside

Allison Green: At Fifty: Essays

Sonja Coppenbarger: The Banshee of Machrae

Michele Swide: Melanie Loves Edith

Lourdes Rosado: Riding the Number 7

Marisa Clark: Hermosa

Kate Wisel: Driving in Cars with Homeless Men

Deborah McCutchen: The Whale Road

Caroline Manring: Some Trace More Permanent

Matthew Levine: Hollow

Susanne Davis: The Appointed Hour

Elizabeth Lantz: Baking Bread

Joan Schweighardt: River Promises

Doug Crandell: Tornado Season

Ashley Barsody: Who We Are

Scott MacGregor: Tunnel To Hell~The Lake Erie Tunnel Disasters~Tales of Heroism and Tragedy~A Graphic Novel

Dwaine Rieves: Shirtless Men

Wendy Fox: If the Ice Had Held

Julie Dalton: The Poachers’ Code

Ross Wilcox: Golden Gate Jumper Survivors Society: Stories

Justin Gardiner: Beneath the Shadow: Legacy and Longing in the Antarctic

Brooke Larson: Pleasing Tree

Jonathan Escoffery: If I Survive You

Sarah Townsend: Inverted Skin: A Memoir of a Postpartum Psychosis

Christina Milletti: Choke Box: a Fem-Noir

Brian Heston: Billy Penn’s Hat

Alexandria Constantinova Szeman: M is for Munchers

Colleen Rich: Things You Won’t Tell Your Therapist: Stories

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