Supporting the Indies — Fatal Light

In light of the recent adventure with Amazon, I’ve decided to fill up some Friday blog space with a shout out to the indie bookstores. Our titles are still on Amazon for a nice discount, of course, but I’m feeling like it’s time we rally around the indies and see if we can make a difference. You may be paying more if you order from your local bookstore, but you’ll be investing in our literary future.

If such high-minded notions don’t fly with you, though, here’s an idea: Order our books from an indie store and send me a copy of the receipt. You can scan it, take a picture, mail it, whatever. Include your address and I’ll mail you a free copy of Ray Robertson’s Moody Food.  That’s two books for the price of one. Sexy.

Today’s book is Fatal Light, by Richard Currey. The 20th anniversary edition was released in 2009 after about 10 years of planning. Tim O’Brien called it “one of the very best works of fiction to emerge from the Vietnam War.” So get it in you. You can go to Indiebound and enter your zip code to find your local store…or you can support two of my favorite local stores. From my hometown of DC, there’s the always excellent Politics and Prose. And, from New Mexico, I have a guilty pleasure… It’s a little store in the tiny town of Las Vegas, NM called Tome on the Range. I was going to pick a Santa Fe store, but I’ve fallen in love with Las Vegas after my cousin moved there to go to school. On a recent visit, I ended up poking my head into Tome on the Range twice a day and, you know, spent far too much money. It’s rare to find the sort of community bookstore that feels like a home away from home.

Both those stores can ship the book anywhere. In fact, most indie stores can. And there’s probably someone like me there stuffing those books in boxes.


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