Issue 14 / Summer 2018


SFWP Celebrates 20 Years

Part 3: Pursuit

Andrew Gifford

Creative Nonfiction

Late-Night Phone Calls

“Instead of just a voice on the telephone a thousand miles away, I held my sister close and hoped she would be okay.”

Noriko Nakada


The Passengers

“A chill struck my spine. My lungs tightened like a drowning man’s. My stomach dropped several inches and my heart twisted in my throat. I tried to force myself to turn away but couldn’t. Her gaze froze me in place. All I could do was stare back.”

David Charpentier


“My grandmother smells of whiskey and baby powder when she closes in, showing me the right way to pull a broadleaf weed; grasp it right where it meets the ground, gathering all the leaves into your fist and gripping tight with your thumb pointed down. This you have to watch; she doesn’t explain it.”

Theo Greenblatt

The Tomb of the Pharaoh

“We’re having one of those Minnesotan days that make us think spring has arrived for good. The snow has almost all melted. The yard gives off the smell of churned mud. The earthy tones mix with the stink of barbequed rot pouring out of a charcoal grill in Caleb’s yard.”

Alec Osthoff


“But Suze doesn’t complain. She did, after all, know what she was signing up for. Her daddy was a marine, as was her daddy’s daddy, and now she is married to a marine herself. This is the life she wanted.”

Liz Egan

Book Review

Which Book Saved Your Life?: A Review for Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Misfit’s Manifesto

“These stories are all inspiring –  and don’t have the happy endings of an archetypal Hero’s Journey (a myth she nicely shatters later on in the book). These stories describe interactions I’d not experienced yet, nor understood; these are my people, my tribe.”

Sarah Leamy

Culture Rant

“He Too”: What Happens in the Arts When the Innovators Fall?

“So how do we handle his violence against humanity in light of his contributions to humanity? Do we give a disclaimer or caveat every time we mention him, like ‘the author’s mention of this scumbag is in no way an endorsement of his perversions. The author is trying to situate all this in her head’?”

Sarah Trembath