Issue 19 / Fall 2019


Creative Nonfiction

The Burden of Perspicacity

“We are, many of us, touch hungry and when we are finally given our fill, the tactile riot can be overwhelming.”

Eileen Vorbach Collins

A Father’s Love

“Babies were ripped from their panic-stricken parents’ arms; mothers who ran after their stolen children were struck down and shot unceremoniously before their children’s eyes. A wrenching, crushing wailing was to be heard for the entire two days it took to strip the ghetto of its young life. And then a deadly, dark silence cloaked the ghetto, where there was still breath but no life.”

Gila Fortinsky

Ace in the Hole: Part III

“I acted as though I were invincible, but underneath the veil of delusion was fear. I lived like someone cheating at solitaire.”

Jon Epstein


A Perfect Silence

“Jake is still standing when she looks back. A small black mark against the darkening sky. In the darkness, only Ahmed’s breathing reminds her that there is someone else alive in the world.”

Phyllis Carol Agins

Harbor Island

“She does wonder, though, whether giving up so many things wasn’t just something to distract her—something to shake up her life, her family, her marriage, to make her feel different.”

Midge Raymond

Trouble Afoot

“A fly feasted on what might at one time have been a pan of lasagna. The bedroom was as messy as the rest of the place. Unmade bed. Unwashed clothes. Wherever Spencer was, he was without most of his wardrobe.”

Donald McMann

At the Symposium

“”The compilation of her iPhone texts, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos into a fictionalized memoir, It’s My Life, was only released Friday night. However, our panel of judges and sensitivity readers feel this is the most authentic fictionalized memoir ever.’”

Max Talley

The Isabels

“Lucía touched her belly and remembered the feeling of Izzy growing. She felt the distance to Margot. This was a distance only a mother could feel, and only a writer could even try to explain.”

Mariel Yovino

Book Review

Breathing Lessons Disguised as a Mystery: Reading Tara Laskowski’s One Night Gone

“On the surface this book is a mystery, but at its heart, it is a story about two very different women trying to find their place in the world while navigating the muddy waters of heartbreak and adultery.”

Kate Anderson