Issue 20 / Winter 2020


SFWP Announcement!

Something to the Niche: SFWP Announces Its New Children’s Imprint

“I want City Different Books to celebrate imagination, to say it’s okay for kids to be kids, and to feature characters, stories, and themes that aren’t all that common in children’s books.”

Andrew Gifford

Creative Nonfiction

Love in the Archives

“When I drink from that 4-H mug, I never hurry; I always take the time to think of her. This is as close to prayer as I can get.”

Eileen Vorbach Collins

Picking Out Knots

“They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; even though we were standing still, the moment his eyes met mine, we were dancing.”

Angelica Ramos - Santa

The Decision

“I try to believe he’s angry at God for doing this to us, but in reality, his wrath is because I made a decision on my own while sitting in a hospital parking lot.”

Geraldine Birch

How He Died

“I know a hesitation wound when I see one: the swollen, reddish-purpley mark on his bald head is a precise, straight line.”

Jamie Beth Cohen


Across the Border

“…Maybe new dreams were possible. Maybe I had come to Mexico to find out what they were.”

Julie Ackerman

Eye of the Beholder

“I could see his hands hesitating as they touched me, as if he might shatter the illusion, but somehow it’s unbreakable. I guess it doesn’t just fool eyes; it fools minds too.”

dave ring

I Know

“She had not thought about that little sneeze. What a gift, what a precious gift: a sneeze, a rough pearl to add to the string of others rubbed to a bright polish with remembering.”

Laura Fletcher

The Hydra’s Heads

“The boys were haunted by the ghost of a man they imagined was somewhere outside waiting for them, as if haunting was a kind of hunting. And so they waited for him as well, as if they knew one day they would be ambushed; one day the combine would come and tear their world apart.”

Heather Momyer

Absolutely, I Remember You

“Perhaps he imagined the cat as a deterrence for his own future loneliness, but more likely, he imagined it as a living lodestar for his kids’ companionship. As long as Helsinki was here and his, wouldn’t the kids want to be here and his, as well?”

Matthew Pitt

Book Review

Bloomland of Fabulist Realism: Reviewing John Englehardt’s Bloomland

“Steven’s view is an appropriate distance for a novel that so deeply delves into the mind of a school shooter. We suddenly remember that we are not Eli, that this is not happening, and we are grateful.”

Carling Ramsdell