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2019 Literary Contest

New Releases & Big Hits

Cheap Heat<br /><span class="booktitle">Daniel M. Ford</span>

Cheap Heat
Daniel M. Ford

P.I. Jack Dixon takes his PI talents on the road when a pro wrestler's outlandish Civil War-themed act results in death threats ...
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Beauty<br /><span class="booktitle">Christina Chiu</span>

Christina Chiu

“Christina Chiu’s Beauty is beautiful in the way of a scalpel blade. It’s that sharp and precise, that lacerating, that true.” —Michael Cunningham, ...
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K: A Novel<br /><span class="booktitle">Ted O'Connell</span>

K: A Novel
Ted O’Connell

Intrigue and turmoil in a dystopian Chinese prison ...
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Body Broker<br /><span class="booktitle">Daniel M. Ford</span>

Body Broker
Daniel M. Ford

Introducing a thrilling new detective series from best-selling author Daniel M. Ford! ...
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Honoring the Promise: The Quarterly in 2021

Submission Opportunities for 2021! n May and June of 2020, I sat in my house, watching as news reports of protests and unrest streamed in from all over the country. I felt the same way many Black folx at the time felt: helpless. Yes, we could go to...

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