2019 Awards Program Short List

A couple weeks ago, we announced the 2019 SFWP Literary Awards Program Long List.

Today, we received the “short list.” We are down to just 20 manuscripts. One of the authors below will be the winner of the 2019 Literary Awards program.

Let’s get right to it:

Sun Night by E.H. de la Espriella

Kiva Song by Deborah Jackson Taffa

The Birth of a Tree: A Memoir of Memory, Forgiveness, and The Legacy of Family Trauma by Jocelyn M. Ulevicus

Silver Beach by Claire Cox

More Fun in the New World by Amy Stuber

Mona At Sea by Elizabeth Gonzalez James

The Violence Almanac by Miah Jeffra

The Seeing Eye Girl: A Memoir of My Life With Momma by Beverly J. Armento

Heir to the Crescent Moon by Sufiya Abdur-Rahman

Negative Space: Inheriting the Legacy of my Father’s Art and Addiction by Lilly Dancyger

Fleece by Michele Suzann

Labia Bats and Other Essays by E.C. Kelly

Thanks for This Riot by Janelle Bassett

Your Nightmare by Joseph Holt

Mile Marker 49 by Mac McCaskill

Mama’s Hand: A South Central L.A. Memoir by Mary Hill

The Grammar of Untold Stories by Lois Melina

*Your Actual Life May Vary by Linda Lenhoff

My Old Faithful by Yang Huang

Stronger in Heaven by Ginny Fite


  1. Jocelyn Ulevicus, Writer

    Ah! My heart is thumping in my chest! Congrats to all of the writers!!!!!
    Best wishes to everyone on the list, as well as all those writers who submitted–we are in this together! Jocelyn

  2. John Russell

    Congrats to those who made the short list! Best of luck!

  3. L8nda Lenhoff

    This is wonderful! Congrats all around. I want to read them all, please…

  4. Cathy mellett

    Congratulations to all the short listers! I can’t wait to read the books that result from this.

  5. Mary Hill

    Didn’t make the final cut but soooooooo honored to have been in the top 20. Thanks everyone for your support!


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