2040 Books – James Alan McPherson Book Award Finalists

This year’s ten finalists for the James Alan McPherson Award!

To all of the entrants, thank you for your submissions, and please know that the talent level was extremely high this year, so decisions were not easy to make. From the list below, judge Gish Jen will select a winner, which we hope to announce sometime in February.

2040 Books will be offering a competitive, full market contract to the winner.

The ten finalists and the titles of their entries are:

  • Beauty, by Christina Chiu
  • With Love, Sandra Queen of Fish Sauce and other Stories, Bino Realuyo
  • Where the Water Is, Anjoli Roy
  • Preparatory Notes for Future Masterpieces, Maceo Montoya
  • The High Price of Freeways, Judy Juanita
  • How to Tell Her, Sandy Yang
  • Parantela, Diane de Anda
  • Adjustment Disorder, Patrick Mondaca
  • The Secret Women of Vietnam, Manini Nayar
  • Becoming Chicana, Tisha Marie Reichle-Aguilera


  1. Jennifer Genest

    Great list!!

  2. Claudia Rhinebeck

    Jennifer Genest: how do you know it is a great list? Have you somehow read all of these unpublished manuscripts?

    • admin

      Many of the authors on this list are very active on social media, and have done an excellent job at creating their brand (and, at the moment, most of the folks reading this announcement are probably coming here via those social media accounts). You should check them out! This really is a great list!


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