body broker by Daniel M Ford

Body Broker

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Product Details:

Series: A Jack Dixon Novel #1
Paperback: 255 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1939650993

About the Book:

When a teenager disappears from an elite boarding school, local police throw the seemingly innocuous case to their neighborhood PI. Enter Jack Dixon: college dropout, ex-cop, and ex-cook. What should be a simple case quickly turns sour, pushing Jack into the path of Nordic biker cultists and vicious drug dealers. But the houseboat-dwelling PI is determined to find the truth—and the missing kid—even though his persistence leads him into a thorny tangle of drugs and violence that could rip his sleepy waterfront life apart.

Daniel M. Ford was born and raised near Baltimore, Maryland. He holds an MA in Irish Literature from Boston College and an MFA in Creative Writing, concentrating in Poetry, from George Mason University. As a poet, his work has appeared most recently in Soundings Review, as well as Phoebe, Floorboard Review, The Cossack, and Vending Machine Press. He teaches English at a college prep high school in the northeastern corner of Maryland. Find him on Twitter @soundingline.

Selected as an IPG Top Shelf title!

“The story moves along at a good pace with well-defined characters, in particular Jack… [who] will resonate with fans of John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee. Readers will look forward to Jack’s further exploits.”
Publishers Weekly
“Ford is one of those writers who is good at drawing tension through long plot lines, and he brings a literary sensibility to the crime fiction genre.”
Buzzfeed; 18 Books From Indie Publishers You Should Read This Fall

“In Body Broker, we meet Jack Dixon, the literary world’s newest wise-cracking, swashbuckling, bad decision-making P.I. All his follies and scrapes and bruises and bizarre enemies are bad news for him, but make for exciting reading for us. Don’t miss this one.”
—Rion Amilcar Scott, author of The World Doesn’t Require You

“Ford’s mystery debut has heart.”

Kirkus Reviews


Body Broker is lean and wiry in its prose as well as how the book reflects its primary character…Jack Dixon brings to mind the almost quiet suffering of [John le Carre’s] George Smiley.”

—Costa Koutsoutis, TheMeansAtHand.Com


“In a genre filled with trigger-happy private eyes, Jack’s talk first, throw some punches, and shoot never mentality is refreshing… his personality and the relationships he shares with the other characters are well-defined and complex enough to keep readers invested and itching to know where the series will go next.”

—Live by the Shelf