Journey to Constellation Station

Product Details:

Paperback: 48 pages
ISBN-13: 9781733777797

About the Book:

Take your children on an interstellar train ride to Constellation Station, where they’ll learn about the galaxy, stare down Leo the Lion, meet Orion the Hunter, see Pegasus spread his wings, and discover other constellations in our vast night sky.

Lindsay C. Barry’s rhyming Journey to Constellation Station is an excellent and entertaining way to teach young children about the constellations, and the thrilling art by Jamin Hoyle will encourage children to look up and learn about the cosmos. This title includes a glossary and a note from the author providing teaching techniques.

About the Author:

Lindsay C. Barry developed her love of reading and writing at a young age, and even more so when she stumbled upon a magical world called Narnia. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and has worked in advertising and executive search. Her first love has always been writing and education. Her mother, an English, drama, and creative writing teacher, made sure that Barry’s love for the literary world was deeply ingrained from a young age.

Barry lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, two sons, two cats, one bearded dragon named Spyro, one red Beta fish named Goldie, a blue budgie named Ice Dragon, and a yellow budgie named Goldie (sense a theme?). Her sons inspire her life and writing every single day. Find her at, and on Instagram and Twitter @lbarrybooks

“Journey to Constellation Station is a sweet look into space. Very bold illustrations zoom us into space and help us see the constellations clearly. I would definitely add this to my elementary library for fun, engagement, and the formation of those beautiful star creatures!”
Kid Lit Exchange

“I am impressed by the creativity of this book. It’s both educational (learning about the stars/constellations) and entertaining. Thank you, Lindsay, for writing such a charming children’s book”
—Crystalee Beck, corporate communication consultant and researcher

“A fantastic read and the illustrations are beautiful! Perfect for bedtime.”

—Anne Kubitsky, entrepreneur and founder of the Look for the Good project


“Whether an aspiring scientist or casual reader, this book is a delightful exploration and a great addition to school library collections.”

School Library Journal