My Chinese-America

Product Details:

Series: SFWP Literary Award Winners

Paperback: 188 pages

ISBN-10: 1939650305

ISBN-13: 978-1939650306

Cover Design: Gwen Grafft; Photo: John Farnan


About the Book:

Allen Gee writes about aspects of Asian-American life in a detailed, eloquent manner, looking at how Asian-Americans view themselves in light of America’s insensitivities, stereotypes, and expectations. My Chinese-America speaks on masculinity, identity, and topics ranging from Jeremy Lin to immigration to profiling to Asian silences.

This not-to-be-missed collection from SFWP Awards Program winner Gee has an intimacy that transcends cultural boundaries, and casts light on a vital part of American culture that surrounds and influences all of us.

About the author:

Dr. Allen Gee is a graduate of The University of New Hampshire, The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and The University of Houston. He is an associate professor of English at Georgia College, where he teaches in the M.F.A. program and edits for the journal Arts & Letters.


Praise for My Chinese-America:

Intimate and wide-ranging, these probing essays complicate our picture of both Asian Americans and America. I will be thinking about all Gee so ably describes for a long time.

– Gish Jen

“Provocative and thought-provoking essays.”
Kirkus Reviews

“An arresting contribution to Chinese-American literature. These essays — honest, inventive, and deft in form — clearly contribute to the best of contemporary creative nonfiction, especially as it concerns American racism and integrity of self. They bear comparison to James Alan McPherson’s A Region Not Home, and to the examples of James Baldwin, George Orwell, and Thoreau.”

-DeWitt Henry, editor, Ploughshares

“Masculinity, mobility, history, and the American dream of equality all take their turn under Gee’s lens, as he shrewdly navigates a culture saturated with the privilege of white America and the realities of continued segregation in the so-called New South.”

Publishers Weekly

“This is truth-telling, which is harder to do in a highly diverse cultural context like America. Each essay has its own identity, eloquently defining what makes us human. Vital sensibilities are here, not eroded by Western beliefs, and these moral values should be greatly appreciated.”

–James Alan McPherson

All Asian-American men have experiences we’ve ignored, dismissed and written off. Allen Gee’s essays are an excavation of the fossilized layers of our souls and hearts. Thanks to Gee’s articulate and thoughtful voice, we are made wiser and whole.

— Ed Lin

“This collection presents a part of American culture that most readers are not particularly familiar with, shedding light into a world that has been in the shadows. These essays are told slowly and meticulously with a subtle style that engages and entices the reader—a very difficult undertaking that succeeds admirably. There are messages and astute reflections here, that kept me and will keep others captivated.”

— Lee Gutkind