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Pagan Kennedy

Product Details:

Series: Pagan Kennedy Project
Paperback: 196 pages
ISBN-10: 1939650100
ISBN-13: 978-1939650108

About the Book:

Find out where it all started for Pagan Kennedy… Zine: How I Spent Six Years of My Life in the Underground and Finally… Found Myself… I Think is a book compiling all eight issues of the zine Pagan’s Head.

A young woman named Pagan, just graduated from a writing program at a very prestigious university, is left with one burning question – Now what? She then takes an unusual step by deciding to invent her new self – the one the public will know – by creating her own magazine, written, created by, and starring none other than herself.

This is a do-not-miss glimpse into the culture of the 90s, and the development of the “Queen of the Zines.”

“Kennedy’s delightful chronicle is enough to make you want to pick up a pen and start your own personal fanzine or put on some platforms and dance in the street.”
Kirkus Reviews