Issue 15 / Fall 2018


SFWP Celebrates 20 Years

Part 4: Peace

Andrew Gifford

Creative Nonfiction

The Perfect Grandmother

“If there was a problem, as I was convinced there was, I thought this baby could be the solution: the path to a warmer, closer bond.”

Ariella Neulander


“For a moment I felt like a porcelain mannequin—one false move and my skin could crack like a mishandled Christmas ornament. I imagined my flesh, embarrassingly white, in pieces on the ground.”

Jon Epstein

Life Support

“Begin the ending, I think. I inhale and exhale. One jagged breath after another.”

Karen Zey

Grandmother’s Gifts

“She confessed that her greatest fear was that whoever found her body would take her wedding and engagement rings. She sounds scared sometimes. My heart hurts that my grandmother entertains thoughts of being violated in death.”

Valerie Kinsey


Benny’s Bed

“I think about Benny’s gap teeth and how when people die in movies, the camera swings up across the sky and sweeps through blowing leaves so they are everywhere. I don’t feel Benny anywhere.”

Kate Wisel

Rain Carcinoma

“Red remained on the floor, on the wall and on my face, red with anger. And Carlo still posing as Captain America, blaming the roof’s shape, the old tiles, the weather and wind.”

Cristina Bresser de Campos

Even Demons Believe in God

“Those who got out of the city were called fugitives or survivors, depending on which side of the river you lived.”

Ginny Fite

Horse Play

“They walked home to their sleeping wives; wiped sweat from their wives’ foreheads, kissed them, sighed when they did not pull away.”

Kelly Kiehl Davis

Book Review

Innocent or Femme Fatale?: The Plight of Lucrezia Borgia in C. W. Gortner’s The Vatican Princess

“The historical record is silent on these matters. The truth is unknowable. But recent studies suggest Lucrezia was not the femme fatale she has been portrayed. Rather, she was a pawn used by her family to advance their political standing.”

Rita Bourke

Culture Rant

Culture Rant: Medusa and Me: 25 Years of Female Rage

“My own rage had been buried for years under shrouds of people-pleasing, sadness, low self-esteem, and a willingness to buy into the lies and deceptions of spousal ‘gaslighting.’”

Mary Valentis and Phill Arensberg